What you need to know 

We cannot accept dogs who are under the age of 1 year and all your pets must be fully house-trained and well behaved.

If pets are allowed in the property then you MUST keep them under strict control. Your submission of the booking form confirms that you will leave no pet in the property unattended nor allow your pet on any furniture whatsoever (even with covers applied) nor allow your pet in any bedrooms. 

Where the property comprises only one floor, all the bedroom doors must be kept firmly closed in order to prevent access by your pet. Your pets must not be permitted to cause any damage to the property or the gardens nor bark or cause any other kind of nuisance to the neighbours. Your pets must be exercised away from the property. 

If any soiling occurs in the grounds of the property it must be removed immediately. 

On departure pet hairs should be removed and any exceptional cleaning costs incurred by your pet will be charged to you in order to reinstate the property to the clean condition it was in at the start of your rental period.

We are very happy for you to have your pet accompany you on your holiday, but it is under the strict understanding that you adhere to our terms relating to the acceptance of pets in our properties. 

Our properties are beautifully furnished frequently at great expense to the owners and are presented to you in an immaculate and clean condition and we wish for you to keep them that way. 

Our high cleaning standards ensure that other guests without pets can confidently stay in our properties without detecting pet smells and pet hairs! However, it would be almost impossible to maintain these high standards if our ‘house rules’ for pets are not respected, so we appreciate your cooperation.

Here are our house rules for pets: 

  1. Pets are not permitted on any furniture, i.e. sofas and beds – even with covers applied
  2. Pets are not permitted in bedrooms 
  3. Pets are not permitted to be left in the premises or grounds unattended
  4. The interior and grounds of the property must be left in a clean, undamaged condition
  5. Pets must be clean before entry to the property
  6. Your pet must not be permitted to cause any kind of nuisance to the neighbouring properties

Important Note

As we’ve said, we have strict house rules for pets, so if you are bringing your pet on holiday with you, before you book with us please read our terms as your booking is only accepted on the basis of you agreeing to comply with our booking conditions. 

If we find pets have been where they shouldn’t – i.e. the bedrooms or on any furniture – or caused any kind of damage whatsoever or caused us extra cleaning costs, then we will charge you for reinstating the property and its contents to the condition they were in before you arrived by a deduction from your security deposit or a further invoice . 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our accommodation and furnishings and have high cleaning standards so that guests without pets do not see any sign that one has stayed in the property previously.

What we provide and what you to bring 

We recommend that you bring with you plenty of your pet’s

  • bedding and towels
  • feeding and water bowls
  • poop bags.

Our properties that accept pets do usually have hose-pipes and outside taps available and usually storage space for your pet crates. We can provide stair gates on request to restrict your pets access within the property. An enclosed outdoor space is available at most properties, but check before booking if this is important to you.

Boarding Option 

If you’re not confident in your pet’s manners, we can provide details of local boarding kennels and catteries which may be a better arrangement for you and your pet.

This way, you can board your pet away from the property whilst still being able to take them out with you during the day.

We have not had personal experience of these kennels or catteries so your feedback would be of interest to us and future guests with pets should you choose to use these facilities.

Pet Sitting  

We are happy to try to arrange a local pet sitter for your pet should you wish to have a day or an evening out without your pet.

If You Don’t Like Pets or Have an Allergy?

Although some of our properties allow pets our hygiene standards are impeccable and we’re confident you’ll find no trace of any previous pet-guest in any of our properties, we recognise that for some that is simply not enough – either due to personal taste or because of an allergy.

Most of our properties in fact do not or have not accepted any pets so if in doubt please ask.

We find, however, that for many allergy sufferers, if a pet has not stayed immediately prior to their stay – that there has been an interval of at least a week – then they are not affected, so you may like to consider this. Our regular guests who have pet allergies inform us that this does make all the difference and it allows them to stay in our properties with no symptoms.

So please call us and we can advise if a pet is scheduled to visit your chosen property before you.

Places to go with your dog

Hampshire and the New Forest offer fantastic opportunities for you and your dog to enjoy the great outdoors.

The beaches on the south coast are also paradise for dogs, although check carefully – particularly in the summer months specific beaches have restrictions on dogs.

There are websites which indicate where you can enjoy walks with dogs year round and where there are seasonal restrictions.

Historic Properties and Parks

Dogs on leads are allowed into the grounds at many English Heritage properties

Health and Safety with your Dog

When holidaying with your dog please remember to observe the country code and keep your dog on a lead when near livestock. This is particularly important during the lambing season.

Care should be taken near estuaries as there are strong currents and some rivers have hidden, steeply shelving banks which can make it impossible for a dog to get out of the water. Of course keep them away from iced over waterways or ponds.

Whilst enjoying the beautiful countryside, please be responsible whilst out with your dog, specifically you must follow the country code. The main points in the code include keeping dogs on a lead within the vicinity of livestock, not allowing them to chase migrating birds on the seashore and picking up after them – whether on the beach or in the countryside.